Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog: Take a picture that illustrates one point perspective and value. – Due Feb 20

1. Immediate Response – Uncensored, irrational un-self-conscious impressions of the photo, what you notice first, what stand out and how it affects you.

You notice the McDonalds sign first and it makes me hungry for McDonalds

2. Objective Description – Describe what is in front of you. Describe the photo to someone who cannot see it.

Well its McDonalds. its self exlanitory.

3. Formal Matters – discuss the composition, line quality, color, placement in space

Well the different shades of red and yellow stick out. The angle of the photo makes it one point perspective.

4. The Story It Tells – Does the photo tell a story? Try naming the photo with a simple noun.

This is a McDonald's in downtown Calgary, Canada. There is a candian maple leaf in the middle of the sign. I would name it Micky D's

5. The Work in the World - How does the photo connect to Edward Ruscha’s drawings? (You may need to look up images of this artist on the Internet to be able to make a thorough comparison.)

He has drawings of gas stations and signs at a one point perspective. My photo is very similar to his drawings.

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