Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog: Take a picture that illustrates expression and value. The photo can show anything from a variety of value to more chiaroscuro...just make sure that you also include expression. The photo can be in color or black and and white only makes value more apparent.– Due Feb 131.
Immediate Response – Uncensored, irrational un-self-conscious impressions of the photo, what you notice first, what stand out and how it affects you.
You notice a person dancing/ getting into music.
2. Objective Description – Describe what is in front of you. Describe the photo to someone who cannot see it.
Its a person dancing and one person playing bass guitar and the other person is singing.
3. Formal Matters – discuss the composition, line quality, color, placement in space
This picture was taken in a dark room so the picture looks doark but you can see the different colors in the background.
4. The Story It Tells – Does the photo tell a story? Try naming the photo with a simple noun.
This is a show I went to in plainville where the bands Juicehead, Fat Choy and The Nonspoken played. And that is my boyfriend dancing to the Nonspoken's band playing
5. The Work in the World - How does the photo connect to Edgar Degas’ drawings? (You may need to look up images of this artist on the Internet to be able to make a thorough comparison.)
In Degas's pictures people are dancing so i thought this was good in comparison

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  1. I like the little lights above the dancig guy. Omar Larrea